A conversation starter?

It's in your face! it's huge and it will attract attention!

You will find it on show and for sale at the Nexus exhibition in Rome!

Click here for Lamia's NO MORE SILENCE ring.

A ring that covers 3 fingers at least, and comfortable to wear! 3D printed plastic and handmade silver words.

And has a message of respect and decency as a way to treat each other, especially while discussing sensitive subjects with someone you disagree with.

We have to folks! we have to treat each other with decency and respect if we wanna get somewhere, if we want the other to listen. We don't have to agree in the end, but if we do it right, I hope there will be less hatred and more understanding among us!

Don't stay silent, say something if you encounter injustice, discrimination or hatred!! But do it with decency and you will most likely be heard... 

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