Hi I'm Lamia


I am a jewelry artist, a goldsmith, and a rebel with a cause.

Justice, equality and respect for one another!

I got into jewelry by accident, and ever since, we’re talking years and years now, I’ve expressed myself through my pieces! 

Lately, with our world going crazy around us, I feel like I have more to say.

With my pieces I make my statements! Sometimes subtle ones, other times very obvious. And for those obvious ones I donate a portion of my profit to organizations that help with these causes.

At first glance my pieces might look like usual jewelry, be it bulky and unique in style, but look closely and you see that they tend to have a message or a rebellious character.

No matter what I make, my pieces help me in expressing care for the environment, for human rights and stand against racism.

I make wearable art in precious metals, recycled of course, and I sometimes mix and match them with other cheap materials, pre-loved or discarded objects.

No bling and no fancy style.

My work is never really in fashion, and therefore never really goes out of fashion. I don’t follow trends, but sometimes trends catch up with me.

You don’t come to me for fashion, you come to me for sustainability. You come to me for a piece of wearable art that you couldn't resist because it reflects who you are, and that goes from generation to generation.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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