What I stand for


I strongly believe in everyone's right to equality and a decent life! 

I believe in freedom of choice and freedom of expression while showing respect to others.

How we interact with others shows who we are. And so does how we treat our environment. So I try treating everyone with respect, privately and in business.

As a jewelry artist I know how difficult it can be to make ends meet. And as a businessperson I know the cost of production, and I believe in Fair Play. If you can't live off your labor, then something is not right. From the mines to the complete product, all those involved need to have the opportunity to work in a healthy atmosphere and get paid their fair share. When a product is sold at a low price, if you are not paying what it really costs then somebody else is! With their health, their livelihood or both! 

I always use recycled precious metals and to the extent possible I make my pieces with ethically mined precious stones. My jewelry boxes are FSC certified. 

I only buy from reliable sources and when I buy colored gemstones, I get them from small artisan miners through reliable wholesalers. I only use conflict free diamonds according to the Kimberly process and whenever possible from certified ethical mines. 

I believe in transparency and since no-one can promise that everything that is said to be ethically resourced is indeed so, I do as much as a small businessowner can do, I make sure to check the chain as far back as I can and ask all the uncomfortable questions before purchasing any materials.

I work in Slow Fashion where every piece takes the time it needs. No rush and no loss of quality. And I don’t promote excessive shopping. I believe in quality before quantity. And recycled before new. I’d rather you buy my jewelry less often but buy the piece you fall in love with. A piece that means something to you and that will last you more than a lifetime; a jewel that goes from generation to generation!