Unique pieces and small collections

My work is Slow-Fashion. I make my unique pieces by hand. I design them as I go along and give them the time they need. 

Most of my work is Unisex.

My collections are often made to order and therefore also need time to produce. If you are in a hurry please let me know, I do keep a small stock.

The jewelry by LS/D


Wearable art or jewelry. My work tends to be chunky and unusual in design. Some are obvious symbols, others much more subtle. But all my pieces stand for respect of human rights. For Freedom of Speech & against racism!

Lamia Saab Design

The Jeweler

WORDS collection is a symbol OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH and against racism


Give a gift with a meaning!

Wear WORDS and make a statement! "Words" jewelry collection is a symbol of freedom of speech! A gift with a thought. Give it with pride! Wear it with pride!

LS/D Words Collections

Handmade with passion