WORDS Collection

Words is a symbol of Freedom of Speech. Always unisex and made to make a statement!

It came to be after I took part in a jewelry exhibition with Freedom as the theme at the Sven Harry Art Museum in Stockholm. However this was just after the Charlie Hebdo attack in France and I couldn't concentrate on pretty jewels. But as jewelry-art is my strongest form of expression, I felt I had to take part of the show and make a statement!

I ended up making a set of 3 statement pieces. And to make my statements more accessible and to support Freedom of Speech in my community and beyond, I created the Words collection. For each sold piece I give a portion of my profit to the Swedish PEN society

I created three silver pieces, a necklace/choker, a cuff/bracelet and a ring. Each piece was a comment to the restriction of freedom of speech. All are in sterling silver with  precious stones and real pencils as part of the design; as pencils had become a solidarity symbol in all the demonstrations against the horrible attack. The set looked pretty from afar, however they were not meant to be worn but to make visitors think extra when contemplating them.

Click here to see my contribution to the exhibition and the reason why I made the Words collection.

All the collection pieces are cast from real pencils. They are made of solid sterling silver and upon request available in 18K gold.

You will also find part of the Words Collection (and more of my work) at Platina Stockholm, the Nobel Prize Museum’s shop and the National Museum’s shop.

 Or if you happen to be in Northern Norway, at Gullsmed Wintervold in Tromsø.