About Lamia, jewelry artist and goldsmith

I have worked as a jewelry artist and designer since the 80's when I graduated as a jewelry & applied art major from the University of Oregon’s Art and Architecture Department. During those years I got very inspired by my Native-American friend’s arts and crafts and his symbolic jewelry. And when I went to Europe on a travelling adventure and spent time mostly in Scandinavia. In Kautokeino in North Norway I worked at Juhls Silver Gallery and not only did I get inspiration from their organic silver jewelry, while there I was moved by the Sami life and their silver. I slowly ended up in Trondheim where I refined my craft and became a “real” jeweler and goldsmith.

Looking for new adventures I moved on to Stockholm Sweden. My varied artistic background has led me to work as an artisan and goldsmith in various studios with the best Swedish jewelry artists of the time such as Claés Giertta, Rey Urban and later as a designer at Gemma AB.

I opened my own studio in 1996 where I created small jewelry collections, unique pieces and had design assignments and free artistic ventures. I made jewelry, ornaments, utensils, and sculptures both wearable and not.

I have participated in various artistic projects and activities and had exhibitions and artist talks. And taken part in exhibitions in various contexts in galleries and museums, for example, the Swedish History Museum and at the Sven-Harry Art Museum. And in 2023 the Artistar jewels exhibition at Milano Jewelry Week.

My unique pieces are represented at Galleri Platina in Stockholm and soon at Galleria Carlo Lucidi in Rome, Italy. Under Retailers you will find shops that carry my small collections.

My own mixed background and my experience from indigenous arts & crafts have led me to express social criticism and antiracism in my artwork. I cannot ignore the injustice I see, and this reflects in much of my work. Sometimes I make it obvious, other times I comment subtly.

At best I hope that my work makes people more aware of their environment. And at the least I hope they understand that I am trying to make a statement.