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Multifunc. Gold Rings Flow Soft Chunky MADE TO ORDER

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All gold rings are made to order. And prices are subject to change.

Please find time of delivery and the exact price through our email:  and make your order separately.

Multifunc. Gold Flow Soft Chunky Rings are big and heavy, made of solid 18k gold.

They come in two models, Flow and Flow in, rings that softly fit together. You can buy one at a time or both together.

Flow has 16 diamonds approximately 0,02ct each.

Flow in has 12 diamonds: 11 are approximately 0,02ct and one is approximately 0,17ct

The white gold rings have TW VVS/VS and the YEllow gold has Fancy Brown diamonds.

The prices are subject to change due to daily changes in gold and diamond prices.

Please ask for a price quote and time of delivery when you would like to place your order.

Click here for the Multifunc. Gold Flow Soft Slim rings.