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From the Sköna Juveler exhibition at the Sven-Harry Art Museum Three-finger ring. For the price, click on the picture & find it under the description

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Please OBSERVE this choker is an Exhibition piece and


I took part in the Sköna Juveler utställning or Beautiful Jewels exhibition at the Sven-Harry Art Museum and showed these three pieces. A choker, a bracelet and this three finger ring.

The theme was Freedom and this was my comment to those who want to take away our Freedom of Speech. 

Here is the 3-finger ring in sterling silver with 2 pencils, a moonstone and a tourmaline cabochon. 

The pencils I use in all 3 pieces gave way to my Words collection. I cast the pencils in sterling silver. 

This ring is for sale and costs 32 000 SEK